Our Team

Transcend Academy is a team of committed advisors who mentor and help students with test prep and college admissions. Since 2010, Transcend has prepared more than 3000 students for top schools. The key to Transcend’s success is our personal investment in each and every student.

Tina Neville
Tina Neville received her Masters degree from Yale University and has taught at Yale University, Ho Chi Minh City Social Sciences University, the National Cathedral School, and Washington Latin Public Charter School. She has read AP Exams for the College Board and worked as a College Coach and Writing Coach with College Summit at Trinity College and Manhattan College. Prior to education, Tina was a U.S. Foreign Service Officer whose focus was on education and cultural affairs.
Oliver (Ozzie) Crocco
Oliver received his master’s degree in education from Harvard University and is currently a doctoral candidate in Human and Organizational Learning at the George Washington University. He works as the Director of Academic Programs for Transcend Academy. As a dyslexic, Ozzie knows what it’s like to successfully navigate the test-prep process with learning differences.
Malcolm Rivers
Malcolm received his bachelor's degree in African American Studies and Government from Harvard College and his master's in education from George Mason University. He now works as the Director of Professional Development at Transcend Academy developing curriculum, training advisers and clients, and working with classes, as well as individual students.
Shannon James
Shannon received a Master's in Education from University of Maryland. Currently, she teaches English at Seneca Valley High School in Gaithersburg, MD. She strives to find creative yet effective strategies for students to get engaged with the coursework that they find challenging and to develop study habits that will benefit them across all academic pursuits. She believes it is crucial to teach students to forge connections between content areas so they begin to use skills from their strongest subject areas to benefit them in their weaker ones. She loves building relationships with students by helping them identify the learning styles that fit them best to help them gain confidence in their own abilities, inside and outside of the classroom.
Christine Ellman
Christine graduated from Yale University with bachelor’s degree in environmental studies. Currently, she is a business consultant and also owns her own photography business entitled Beautifell Photography. She specializes with helping students to find their motivation through goal setting exercises, personalized learning, and ultimately, improvement of test scores.
Benito Nishizawa Rodríguez
Benito graduated from Harvard University and is now self-employed. He works with students from different parts of the world and genuinely enjoys sharing about my experiences at Harvard and Google.
Sarah Timreck
Sarah graduated with her bachelor's degree from Swarthmore College and is currently a master's candidate at George Washington University. She enjoys working with students who need help improving their scores and getting them motivated for test taking.
Mehron Price
Mehron graduated from Harvard University with her bachelor’s degree and now works as a grant writer and entrepreneur. She specializes is the Reading Section of the SAT and loves helping students improve their writing skills.
Deborah Ou-Yang
Deborah graduated with her bachelor’s degree from Lehigh University and received her master’s degree from Georgetown University. She currently works at the U.S. Department of State as a Public Affairs Specialist. She specializes in working with students seeking help with time management and/or reading questions more carefully.
Raquel Bird
Raquel received her bachelor’s degree in english language and literature from the University of Virginia, a master’s in education in early childhood education from Mercer University, and a Ph.D. in literacy middle and secondary from Georgia State University. Currently, she works as a dean and program coordinator at Amidon-Bowen ES in Washington, DC. Her main goal is to help her students improve their scores.
Evelyn Exum
Evelyn received her master’s degree in Adult Education from Jones International University and her bachelor’s degree in communication from American University. She currently works as a substitute teacher and academic coach for Transcend Academy and specializes in language arts instruction.
Olivia Smarr
Olivia graduated with her bachelor's in Science, Technology, & Society from Stanford University and is currently works as a college adviser with Transcend Academy. She enjoys working with students who want to improve their critical analysis and writing skills, as well as working with students who have one particular subject area they would like to hone in on.
Thomas James
Thomas received his bachelor's degree in Business Management from Frostburg State University. Immediately after graduating he served as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer for DC Public Schools. Utilizing both his education and business backgrounds he now works as a marketing and sales coordinator for Transcend Academy.