Our Partners

Transcend Academy is quickly becoming a hub for comprehensive college prep resources.  Serving a diverse range of students, Transcend’s curriculum focuses on the   Commended by the Stevie Awards as  Transcend’s novel approach entails partnership with non-profit organizations and school districts to increase accessibility to college admissions resources.

Washington Latin Public Charter School

Washington Latin Public Charter School provides a challenging, classical education that is accessible to students throughout the District of Columbia.  As a public school, we have civic and moral obligations to use our public funds equitably and wisely, and to accept all students who come to us for an education. Our campus is accessible by public transportation, and we are the only charter school to run a bus; our curriculum is accessible for those who are willing to work with us.

Thurgood Marshall Academy

Thurgood Marshall Academy is a college-preparatory public charter high school located in ward 8’s historic Anacostia neighborhood. The school upholds Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall’s legacy of equal opportunity through our commitment to providing an excellent education for all students. Opened in 2001, Thurgood Marshall Academy prepares students to succeed in college and instills in students an understanding of democracy and advocacy for themselves and for others.

Theodore Roosevelt High School

Theodore Roosevelt High School for Global Studies engages students in an educational experience that fosters international understanding and welcomes diversity of thought, while preparing students for a globally interconnected world.

Roosevelt STAY High School

As the Roosevelt STAY team, we have the opportunity to transform ours students’ lives and change the trajectory of their future. Our objective is to provide students with access to opportunities within our school, the community and the city at large. To meet these objectives, we must have your unwavering commitment and support if we are to realize our goal of success for all.  We will strive to provide all of the support your student needs to achieve academic success; from transportation to school, to after school tutoring and everything in between. We are committed to the academic and personal success of all of our students.

The SEED School of Washington DC

The SEED Public Charter School of Washington, D.C. (SEED DC)  is the nation’s first college-preparatory, public boarding school. Our mission is to provide an outstanding, intensive educational program that prepares children, both academically and socially, for success in college and beyond. SEED DC has been thriving for 18 years and currently serves 370 students in grades six through twelve. Students spend 120 hours-per-week on campus from Sunday through Friday. We offer a rigorous college preparatory curriculum which incorporates the appropriate mix of content areas, deep development of writing and critical thinking skills so that students are prepared for college level coursework.

Sand Spring Friend School

At Sandy Spring Friends School, we are a community of scholars, performers, artists, athletes, thinkers and doers, each with different strengths and interests, but bound together by a determination to honor Quaker values and to see that of God within each of us. Accordingly, we are a debate-driven community that is respectful of differences; we are open and sometimes noisy, but also reflective seekers of quiet. We celebrate being a marketplace of ideas while providing a safe place to explore new concepts with an incredibly vibrant and dedicated group of adults. We question, we reflect, and we act on knowledge learned both in and out of the classroom in ways that foster critical thinking and empower us to make the world a better place. Faculty and staff are here because they are deeply committed to providing preschoolers through 12th graders with an education that will serve them well in the world that they will inherit.

Richard Wright for Journalism and Media Arts Public Charter School

Richard Wright Public Charter School for Journalism and Media Arts is a NEW unique high school offering students, beginning with grade 8, an opportunity to explore high school while focusing on their areas of interest within journalism and media arts. Our educational focus is to create great writers, journalists and productive citizens. Our commitment to education will empower students to become creative, innovative thinkers regardless of their ethnicity, socioeconomic status or gender.

No Greater Sacrifice

No Greater Sacrifice (NGS) is dedicated to the children of our nation’s fallen and wounded Service members delivering scholarships and resources to improve their quality of life through the pursuit of higher education.

McKinley Technology High School

McKinley Technology High School has always held the core values within high esteem. We are not only a school, but also a community working in synchronization to accomplish like goals. Responsibility, Accountability, Unity, and Diligence separates us from other schools within the city. Our staff and students share equal responsibilities when it comes to maintaining a quality learning experience. Now a Blue Ribbon school, we are constantly pushing the envelope hoping to one day achieve the title of: “Top Performing School in the World.”

Latino Student Fund

The mission of the Latino Student Fund (LSF) is to provide opportunities for a strong academic foundation for under-served PreK-12th grade students of Hispanic descent and their families to promote higher education and professional leadership.

The LSF was founded in 1994 to address the growing high school dropout rates among Latino students in Washington, DC.  Over the years, we have continued to develop and expand our services to meet the evolving educational needs of the Latino community in the Greater Washington region.

E.L. Haynes Public Charter School

E.L. Haynes Public Charter School is an award-winning Pre-K-12th grade school named for Dr. Euphemia Lofton Haynes, the first African-American woman to receive a doctorate in mathematics and a DCPS teacher for nearly 50 years. E.L. Haynes currently serves 1,150 students from every ward in the city. Our program spans two campuses in the Columbia Heights and Petworth neighborhoods of Washington, DC.

Columbia Heights Education Campus

Columbia Heights Educational Campus is a unique globally themed bilingual campus that serves grades 6 through 12 and prepares all of its students for success in college and the careers. CHEC has been recognized as one of the top schools in the area and country on the Advanced Placement Challenge Index for offering Advanced Placement to all students. It also has the only Spanish language dual immersion high school program in Washington, DC. Students can take a full bilingual program through the 12th grade. In 2013, CHEC was selected by Fight For Children as the winner of the Quality Schools Initiative Award for innovation in education. CHEC students come from over 20 countries and we use this diversity to complement our globally themed curriculum. Every grade explores a global theme, which ties together their learning and builds their global awareness.

The Carter Project

The Carver Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in January 2012 by five young professionals living and working in Washington, D.C. The organization is named after George Washington Carver, a man born into slavery, who valued innovation and education, and was instrumental in educating others to become self-sustaining individuals. The organization was established to address the inequity currently facing many underprivileged high school students in the Nation’s capital and their ability to adequately prepare for college admissions standardized tests.

Calvin Coolidge Senior High School

Calvin Coolidge Senior High School is committed to providing “Excellence in Education” for all students. Through program design and rich learning experiences, students will be provided many opportunities to achieve academic excellence where every student will reach his or her highest potential. Coolidge SHS students will graduate as lifelong learners who will make valuable contributions to society. Through the collaboration of stakeholders, every Coolidge High graduate will be well prepared for the demands of the global society and beyond.

Ballou STAY High School

Ballou S.T.A.Y (School To Aid Youth) High School was established in 1989 as an alternative high school to provide an opportunity for DC residents to complete their high school education. Ballou STAY’s diverse student body of more than 500 students is a testament to its motto, “Its Never Too Late to Earn Your High School Diploma.” Ballou STAY’s mission is to deliver a high-quality academic and career/technical program that will lead to a high school diploma or vocational certificate. Ballou STAY offers traditional and accelerated diploma programs in addition to External Diploma Programs. Ballou STAY also offers vocational programs such as automotive technology, barbering, cosmetology, Microsoft Office courses, and culinary arts. The vocational program, along with sports and clubs at Ballou STAY, empowers young adults with the career skills to succeed in the real world.