Why Transcend Academy?

Transcend Academy has had a large amount of success over the last 8 years of being in existence. 85% of our students receive admission into at least one of their top three schools and have been admitted to over 55 colleges in the US as well as the UK.

Classes Data

Transcend Academy has expanded programming to over 40 courses at high schools and nonprofit organizations in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia. In the current academic year, every program resulted in score improvements in each section of the SAT. This is a great accomplishment that Transcend Academy is very proud of.

Data Results

  • Charter School: 74 students improved 133 SAT average points in 5 weeks.
  • Public School: 12 student class improved 63 SAT average points in 8 weeks.
  • Nonprofit: 83% of students improved SAT scores in 5 weeks.

Advisers’ Stories


“One student who I worked with one-on-one, creating a personalized learning plan with supplemental resource, the student was able to drastic improve her test score."

Oliver (Ozzie)

“I saw a student take my class and go through additional private tutoring to boost her ACT from 24 to 28!"


“I am proudest when my students attending low-performing high schools achieve standardized test score improvements that make them competitive candidates for their target and reach colleges."


“I love seeing my students improve on their math SAT scores and overall scores – also getting more motivated to take the test and succeed!"


“I worked with a high school student named Lucia from Hong Kong to help her prepare for both her PSAT and SAT. She exceeded her target scores in each test and each week we were able to share a bit about life on the other side of the globe. Lucia is hard working, determined, and well on her way to a successful college career."


“Our OSSE program, for which I wrote the curriculum and trained most of the advisers, has seen significant average score improvement in the many DCPS and DC Public Charter schools we work in, leading, potentially, to an increase of our impact through the opportunity to work with more schools!"


“One of my students in an ACT prep class was getting stuck in the science section. I helped her work through several problems and realize that the science questions were more about reading comprehension than actual science knowledge. By the end of the class, she said, “This isn’t so bad. I can do this."


“My students at TMA were accepted with full rides to University of Virginia and Syracuse thanks to my influence!"


“I love helping students improve their writing!"


“One of my students experienced a lot of test taking anxiety. She had struggled in her academic classes and therefore lacked self confidence about her ability to succeed on the ACT. However, through our weekly sessions not only did her score improve, but her general excitement about learning and self esteem improved as well. Test taking is not just about what you know, it is also about knowing and believing that you can excel. After my student got her official ACT results back she texted me right away to tell me how proud she was of herself."